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Oswestry doctor in a ring

How Oswestry got its name

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If you've not been to Oswestry before, you haven't lived. There's so much to do and see, you will tingle in places you didn't even know you had.

Oswestry scientists try to understand chicken from Bala

Since the arrest of the "masked marksman" there are surprisingly few murders here now. There is the obligatory family massacre every now and then and a few stabbings but these are usually spectacular, ie swords instead of tiddly knives etc.
As far as we know, this Oswestry Shropshire is the only Oswestry in Shropshire.  If you know of any other Oswestrys in the Shropshire area, please let us know.


"B. White sawed my rabbit's
legs off because my mum
swore at him for shitting
in our drive"

Oswestry people live longer
Amazingly, people living in Oswestry, Shropshire will live, on average, to 93. This has been mainly attributed to the general feeling of well being that comes with living in such a magnificent town.

Pistols found in Oswestry cavern
In 1987 a pair of pistols thought to have belonged to the Dutchess of Kent were discovered by local builders while excavating a little known cavern on the Brogynton Estate.

Oswestry poet and founder of Oswestry golf club, Wilfred Owen
Invented the common eggcup. He made a simple version from clay - just a little ring, but some weeks later, after seeing an ostrich egg displayed in a vase at a ventrilaquist's party next door, he developed his idea into an actual cup for an egg. He didn't put a handle on it because he was correct in assuming people eating boiled eggs would continue to leave them on a plate and use spoons.

Frank Bough
Frank Bough lived in Selatyn, near Oswestry during the 1980s. He moved from his birthtown, Aspington, in 1981 to escape a following of groupies that had moved to a pub in Aspington centre. Unfortunately, the group then followed him to Oswestry, Shropshire. Frank managed to stay, often with friends in Castle fields, for 7 years before taking off in a camper van towing a trailer thought to be full of photographs.

Edward st woman with collection of 1000 mice "chuffed to bits".

Ian Woosenam

Ian Woosenam moved to Oswestry, paying £2.5m for his house on Morda road which has a swimming pool, underground car park and an indoor golf course. He eventually had to leave because he developed an unhealthy obsession with the town. He would be found sniffing various buildings in the middle of the night and making whining noises like a baby. He was moved to Dulwhich in 2007.

Campaign to warn of in-breeding dangers in Oswestry


Most of the leading retailers in the UK were quick to locate in Oswestry which has become the 4th best town in the UK for sales, after Wigan, Plymouth.and Wakefield. The Shropshire borders are accessible from all over the UK and Oswestry is in the best place imaginable.

Big noses

One of the reasons the people of Oswestry are considered to be so beautiful is the fact that most have unusually large noses. People with large noses are thought to descend from Hammerite monkeys which lived about 700 million years ago on the Powys/ Shropshire border.