New "Dark Room" to open on Oswestry High Street

 Punjeeta Mandooka, Indonesia's most prominent artist, designer and all round fruitcake is to open her thirteenth "Dark Room", here in Oswestry.

With dark rooms already established in New York, Milan and Barnsley, Punjeeta is delighted to be opening her latest in Oswestry, saying, "we used to study about fings in Oswestry when we was at school. I was in a play about Oswestry market and we did it at a featre in Jakarta an everyfink. So when I heard Ethel Austins was up for rent, I jumped on a plane and came straight over. It's gonna be wicked, I was so excited yesterday when vay were showing me round, a bit of wee came out".


 New York's dark room is extremely popular with people from all walks of life, from business people catching half an hour of darkness to steady themselves before a meeting, to miners who prefer to train in darkness. Miss Mandooka expects Oswestry's dark room to be just as popular, being nearly as big a space as her Milan room and twice the size of her Barnsley room with capacity for 120 people to stand at one time though people who pay double may lie down.

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