Girl detained for breeding cartoon animals

14 year old Wendy Ostinrova was detained by police at lunchtime today and is being questioned over her cartoon animal breeding antics of the last 3 days. Detectives were called to her address after a member of the public alerted them to somebody trying to sell a cartoon animal on facebook.

A total of 11 creatures were seized and will be sent to Disney for thorough tests. If they are found to be free of disease and considered safe to the public, they will be released into lake Michigan from a research vessel moored near Chicago.

In a quote to the BBC, Wendy protested her innocence, claiming, "I didn't bweed anything. I found the first one woaming awound my bedwoom. I must've left the window open and it just climbed in. I was wowied so I put a jar overwit. Then, in the morning when I woke up, there were hundweds of them, wunning awound like wats. I didn't want to keep the one in the jar because I don't know what the little f**cker eats so I put it on facebook".

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