"Look after our own first" woman almost helped someone in Oswestry.

A woman from Ferrers Rd who is adamant that no refugees should be welcomed in Oswestry until "we have helped our own first" almost helped a disabled man open a door last night.

26 year old Christina Haitumall,  born in Romford, Essex but living in Oswestry since 2003 was standing outside Wots Cooking yesterday evening when she noticed a young man in a wheelchair struggling to open a weighted door a few buildings up. When asked about the incident, she replied:

"I noticed he was struggling and getting frustrated so I decided to go and help him. I still had quite a few chips left and hadn't even started my sausage so obviously I couldn't help straight away but I kind of thought he wouldn't mind waiting for a couple of minutes. I didn't speak to him because he was in a wheelchair and had stuff wrong with him and there didn't seem any point so maybe he didn't understand I was going to help but anyway, after a couple of minutes he lost his temper and wheeled himself away again before I had chance. They get angry very easily don't they?"

Christina leads an online action group calling on people to look after local people before foreigners and says that Oswestry has too many problems that aren't being addressed to be concerned with bringing in yet more people.

When asked if she personally would be helping to address these problems, she said, "I am, aren't I? What do you think my website is all about? If it wasn't for people like me, other people in Oswestry wouldn't know about the homeless veterans in Oswestry, would they? Now they know about them, they can help them."
When it was  pointed out that local veteran charities would be happy to assist any local, homeless veterans but have not had any inquiries recently due to a lack of homeless veterans in the area, Ms Haitumall responded with, "that's not the point".  She wasn't able to explain exactly what her point was, unfortunately, but was insistent that foreigners should not be helped in Oswestry.