A dog in Llanymynech was airlifted to safety today after being stranded on a rock for three days.
Adolph, the 13 month old beagle  is scared of water following an accident when he was having swimming lessons at just 9 weeks old.

 His owner, Martin Lewis, said he was in constant communication with Adolph throughout the ordeal, he and his wife taking shifts to lean out of the bedroom window to offer support as the terrified dog clung to a rock in the garden. "My son came over with his remote controlled boat and we managed to tow a bowl of food to him on Tuesday but he put his paw on it and sank it", said Mr Lewis.

The army were called at 4pm on Friday and performed a standard dog rescue procedure to perfection, with Adolph  wagging his tail throughout. Adolph was then dressed accordingly and now refuses to have his outfit removed.